SPI International Launches FilmBox+ Streaming Service

SPI International announces that their new and enhanced FilmBox+ streaming service is officially live starting today. The service that combines on-demand and lean-back experiences, is available through the web, partner operators’ platforms, mobile and TV applications.

Today marks the global rollout of FilmBox+, SPI International’s new and enhanced streaming service that promises to bring digital and linear together through a vast library of VOD content and live channels. FilmBox+ is an evolution of SPI’s FilmBox Live and operates on a new infrastructure that provides enhanced user experience through an easy-to-use interface, multiple screen availability and a specially curated lineup of content spanning movies, TV series, documentaries and more. Starting today, consumers can access the service at filmbox.com directly or through the FilmBox+ app on their internet-connected devices such as smart phones, tablets, smart TVs and partner operators’ platforms.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new product FilmBox+ which will replace FilmBox Live from today on. FilmBox+ integrates easily with operators and partner platforms to provide a seamless and well-rounded entertainment experience that places the consumer at the center,” commented Berk Uziyel, CEO at SPI International.

FilmBox+ adopts the motto of “Home of Good Movies” and brings a well-curated selection of on-demand content from major global distributors, including Hollywood blockbusters with world-famous stars, independent world cinema gems, and thematic entertainment. The service also offers live channels that broadcast content 24/7 without interruptions for viewers who enjoy the “lean-back” experience. An additional feature of FilmBox+ that’s designed with a focus on the consumer is the Smart Collection Channels – channels that feature content curated by FilmBox editors according to mood, genre or special occasion – which will be added to the service later in the year.

FilmBox+ offers a centralized content solution that caters to different viewing habits by combining the “lean back” viewing experience with the ease and flexibility of the on-demand option. Currently, viewers can access thousands of popular and evergreen VOD titles and 8+ live channels with FilmBox+ anytime and anywhere through their internet-connected devices.


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