Press releases under #rockwell hashtag

Press releases under #rockwell hashtag

Software-Powered Connected Services Drive Digital Transformation

09.01.2018. – A great number of industrial companies are implementing digital technologies aimed at optimizing operations. To meet the information infrastructure and security needs, Rockwell Automation employs its Connected Services offerings, and continues to expand this portfolio.

New AI Module From Rockwell Automation Models, Monitors and Optimizes Industrial Operations

27.11.2017. – Creating diagnostic analytics solutions in industrial operations has long required expert data scientists with a deep understanding of the specific application to be analyzed. That expertise has been boxed in the new Project Sherlock artificial intelligence (AI) module unveiled by Rockwell Automation at their Automation Fair event in Houston.

Rockwell Outlines Best Practices for Industrial Security

25. 05. 2017. – Industrial organizations are converging historically separate information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) systems, and using mobile, analytics and cloud to increase connectivity and information sharing. This is significantly improving operations but also creating more potential entrance points for security threats.