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We are PR, social media, digital communications and content marketing experts. We build brands with stories.

About us

The Próbakő Communications (est. 2003) team consists of PR, content marketing, social media and digital communication professionals. Probako Communications has been accredited by HUPRA and ICCO.


The company boasts solid international connections: Managing Partner András R. Nagy is board member of EMEA for the Worldcom PR Group, of which Próbakő Communications has been a member for 15 years. Worldcom is an international network comprised of local communications agencies worldwide, bundling the knowledge and expertise of more than 2,000 communications experts in 115 cities across 49 countries on six continents. Thanks to this partnership, we are regular participants in cross-border campaigns and are experienced in delivering PR services to our clients anywhere in the world.


Digital communication training

For small and medium sized businesses, our head of digital will deliver media training, where our clients will have the opportunity to learn the basics and ad optimisation tricks for different social media platforms.

Media training

We offer one-to-one or small group media training sessions for managers who are about to enter the media world, where participants can learn about the different needs of different types of media and the secrets of effective media communication.

Video production

Nowadays, the communication of a company or brand is unthinkable without different video content. Probako’s team of professionals are highly qualified to assist you in the creation and production of audiovisual communication materials.

Content marketing

The creation and use of various written, visual, audio or video materials in communication is a very effective method. The team at Probako can provide effective assistance to clients in both the development and implementation of a content marketing strategy.

Media relations

In the age of social media, traditional media relations continue to play a key role in the communication of companies, organisations and institutions. Our firm has nearly two decades of experience and a strong network of journalistic contacts in a wide range of industries and market segments.

Employer branding

Companies need an excellent employer brand to compete effectively to attract and retain top talent. Probako team offer its clients both outward-facing employer branding campaigns and ongoing internal communications services.

Social media communications

We assist our clients with their presence on various social media platforms, which includes, but is not limited to, ongoing content work, periodic promotional activities and campaign management.

Digital communication

Our team’s digital services portfolio is very broad: social media content management and ad management, app design and implementation, WordPress-based website design and implementation, Google AdWords and Display and YouTube pre-roll campaign management, as well as online thought leadership positioning and digital content management.

CEO branding

A well-built personal brand of leaders is also crucial for the image of the company. Our firm has extensive experience in both the planning and execution of CEO personal brands.

Crisis communication

When an unexpected crisis situation occurs, you need expert help with communication immediately. Crisis communication work can only be effective with the right preparations. Probako team help both in preparation and in the communication management of the crisis.

Brand communications

Developing and building a brand story is inconceivable without traditional and social media presence and content production. We can help you design and implement these.

Strategic corporate communications

We help our clients develop and implement a corporate communications strategy, whether it’s press relations, content production, or the operation of their social media platforms.



Our team’s expertise covers both online and offline retail communication support. We have conducted communications research, managed traditional press relations and paid advertising, and supported social media communications.

Professional organisations/institutions

In many cases, the communication activities of organisations and institutions are somewhat different from those of their counterparts in the competitive sector, requiring different professional solutions. This is another area in which Probako team are at home.

Facility management

Facilities management is the grey eminence of the real estate world, usually left in the background. However, FM companies also need to communicate. The team at Probako help clients in this field with press relations, event management and the planning and implementation of employer branding campaigns.

Paper industry

Probako team has been working in this industry for many years with services including press relations, event management, interview management and conference management.

Software development

Our company has extensive experience in managing press relations, content production and content marketing, social media communications and employer branding activities for software development companies of all sizes and professional focus.

Consumer electronics

Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by consumer electronics. Probako team have extensive experience in managing press relations for major international brands, conducting product tests, organising product launch press events and study tours.


Logistics is one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. We have been managing the press relations, digital communications and social media activities of our clients in logistics, freight forwarding and other related services for several years.


We work a lot on health projects and we are passionate about education programmes. Our references include design and implementation of integrated campaigns, PR programmes, content marketing, website development, employer branding, health road shows.


Significant experience in media relations work for media companies, image building for media market leaders, communications for media companies’ flagship events, as well as publication and programme production and related content marketing.

Food industry

We have been working for many years on communications for various Hungarian and international food companies, services including press relations, liaising with industry trade associations, managing consumer communications campaigns, and planning and managing social media activities.


Prizma Kreativ PR Award Bronz


PREXA Silver & Bronze


Best.net Silver


MPRSZ Sándor Imre Award


Prizma Kreativ PR Award Silver 2019

Prizma Kreativ PR Award Silver


Online Video Awards Silver


Online Video Awards Gold


Prizma Kreativ PR Award Bronze


MPRSZ Sandor Imre Award Shortlist


Prizma Kreativ PR Award Shortlist


Hipnozis Awards Gold


EACA Care Award


Website of the Year Special Award


Golden Drum


EFFIE Awards Silver


Silver Blade Awards


EFFIE Awards Gold


Case studies

Kiwi.com – World Travel Hacker campaign

#Kiwi.com, #casestudy, #WorldTravelHacker, #travelinfluencer

Dalszerzok vs MI

ARTISJUS: Songwriters vs. AI Experiment – The Songwriter Comes First (2023)

#musicindustry #artificialintelligence #experiment #research #integratedcampaign

HonestFood – Let’s live longer campaign

#consumer campaign #education #influencer #celebrity #survey #press conference



Our team

András R. Nagy

Managing Partner

Edit Fülöp

Senior Consultant

Zsófia Pálffy-Bernáth

Senior Consultant

Szabó Szeréna, a Próbakő vezető b2b tanácsadója

Szeréna Szabó

Senior Consultant

Márton Mucsi

Digital media specialist

Klára Fanni Tóth


Attila Kereszturi

Finance and Administration Manager

Fanni Farkas

Junior Consultant

Serzysko Jacek

Jacek Serzysko

Junior Consultant

András Baross

Videoproducer, Smartfilm


Success Stories and Exceptional Professional

Why is it good for us Hungarian PR people that a Hungarian professional is the new head of the ICCO? What are his plans after the appointment and when will he be satisfied with the results? András Sztaniszláv, the newly appointed interim CEO of ICCO, answered IdeaBank’s questions.

Note from Dubai: press trip can be an effective PR tool

Is it worth it for a production to travel 7 journalists plus a PR representative for several days to Dubai to see the production of The Little Prince at the opera house, which will later come to our country, and wouldn’t it be easier to buy platforms in addition to the free PR campaign? We found out!

The biggest challenges for PR in 2024

We asked Natasa Pavlovic Bujas, the recently nominated President of IPRA (International Public Relations Association), about her new position and the challenges for the PR profession in 2024, the main characteristics of PR communication in the Central and Eastern European region, and ethical concerns related to the PR as a profession

Press releases

Technics Announces the SL-1200MK7 as Additional Model for their Successful Range of DJ-Turntables

Technics today unveiled the new SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive Turntable. The new model inherits the same features and operational comfort as the SL-1210MK7, which has been introduced in January 2019 and in a short time has once again become a firm favourite of the long-existing vinyl DJ community worldwide.

SPI International Launches FilmBox+ Streaming Service

SPI International announces that their new and enhanced FilmBox+ streaming service is officially live starting today. The service that combines on-demand and lean-back experiences, is available through the web, partner operators’ platforms, mobile and TV applications.

Panasonic Announces New Telephoto Zoom Lens with Macro Capability for its LUMIX S Series

Panasonic is proud to introduce a new interchangeable telephoto zoom lens, the LUMIX S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 MACRO O.I.S. (S-R70300) based on the L-Mount system for its LUMIX S Series full-frame mirrorless cameras.


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