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Viewers Can Choose Friday Evening Movie on FilmBox Premium

SPI/FilmBox give the opportunity for viewers to choose which movie be on air on Friday evenings. The initiative lasts four months, and anyone can vote on the distributor’s own Facebook page. The vote, starting today, is about picking the film of the evening of 15 May.


Today SPI/FilmBox have made accessable the poll that makes viewers able to vote on the film they prefer to watch on the television. The vote is available on the distributor’s own Facebook page (, and it’s open for everyone. Viewers can choose from three options: Ghost in the Shell, Second Act and G.I. Joe: Retaliation – the one which gets the most votes will be broadcast from 9 pm, on Friday, 15 May on FilmBox Premium channel. The current vote lasts till 12 May, but the initiative is going to continue for months. Viewers, in the same way, can have influence on FilmBox Premium’s programming over this summer. The Friday evening movie of 19 June, 17 July and 14 August is also going to be decided by the majority’s will.

„SPI/FilmBox always have been intentionally aiming for fulfill the needs of viewers. It was just a couple of days ago that the period, when our premium contents became accessible for free at six different operators, came to an end. Now we take one step further. We would like to show that our subscribers are not only recipients but also can be active editors of our offerings. Harmonizing our online and offline platforms, anyone can tell their opinion, and also, everone’s opinion matters. We would like if as many people as possible would be engaged in this special initiative, so we do our best to draw people’s attention not only on our channels, but also through our operator partners and running an online campaign” – Tamás Fülöp, regional operative manager commented.

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