A new Era for Premium Class OTTAVA

Technics Ottava SC-C30 wireless speaker system

Germany, Munich, 2019-05-09 – Today Technics announced the expansion of its acclaimed Premium Class OTTAVA SC series with the launch of the SC-C30 wireless speaker system. This is the third year in a row that Technics has chosen to launch a Premium Class OTTAVA SC series product at the high-profile event in Munich – confirming the brand’s commitment to audiophiles and to the HIGH END show itself. In 2017, Technics’ sumptuous SC-C70 compact stereo system made its public debut at HIGH END, and this was followed last year by the equally alluring SC-C50 wireless speaker system.

Available in the autumn this year, the SC-C30 marks a new high-water mark in the development of wireless speakers. A more compact version of the beautiful arc-shaped SC-C50 wireless network speaker, the new model also combines top-class build quality and acoustic engineering with a stunning design aesthetic. Both beautiful to look at and a joy to listen to, the secret to the Premium Class OTTAVA SC models’ success is that, despite their compact size, they deliver a powerful yet refined, room-filling sound regardless of the room’s characteristics.

As befits the Premium Class OTTAVA SC tag, each model in the series offers compatibility with a wide-range of sources and cutting-edge formats so that users can listen effortlessly to a compelling, distinguished sound from all manner of high-quality wirelessly streamed content including the latest studio-quality Hi-Res Audio formats such as DSD, WAV, FLAC and ALAC. The Premium Class OTTAVA SC series enables listeners to enjoy music in unprecedented clarity and make an emotional connection with their favourite tunes, a listening experience on a par with attending concerts or witnessing live recordings.


A compact body offering a wide soundstage

Embedded in an elegant and timeless arc form design

The SC-C30 is an inspired combination of practical function with elegant design. The thick aluminium top panel increases the rigidity of the chassis, and the iconic OLED is surrounded by ring keys for easy operation. Rear louvers add further elegance. The beautiful arc form, which helps to eliminate unwanted vibration in the chassis, incorporates acoustic technology to achieve a wide sound stage. A particularly clever internal configuration of bass port and speaker drivers enables the model to conjure up a powerful, remarkably expansive, yet deftly controlled sound. This allows the listener the freedom to place the SC-C30 anywhere in the room without compromise. They can also choose a black or white finish to match their room’s décor.

A remarkably expansive soundstage is achieved through the positioning of two 6.5cm woofers, two 1.6cm tweeters and one 12cm subwoofer within the arc form body. In the front surface of the body lies the long-stroke subwoofer, which combines with a large-diameter long port to produce tight, punchy bass sounds while the tweeter features a unique acoustic lens that provides wide directivity. By placing these speaker units in optimal positions, a powerful, expansive sound is unexpectedly produced from such a compact speaker and listeners enjoy a refined, sumptuous sound from the SC-C30 regardless of the room’s characteristics.


Exceptional sound quality, perfectly calibrated

Clarity is key – empowered with the iconic Technics technology

For hi-res audio enthusiasts, clarity is key. To ensure the S SC-C30 delivers every nuance and detail found in Hi-Res Audio the model has an exceptionally wide-ranging frequency response and at its heart is a state-of-the-art fully digital amp that is – naturally – equipped with a number of Technics’ ground-breaking JENO Engines (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimisation). These are vital for ensuring each audio channel is perfectly aligned in terms of signal timing. Also on board is LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration), which cleverly matches the sound to the characteristics of the internal loudspeakers. By harnessing these unique Technics technologies, the Premium Class OTTAVO SC series ensures listeners can enjoy a full-bodied, warm sound in exceptional detail rather than the clipped, overly bright sound associated with inferior digital amplifiers.

Sound quality is not just about power and clarity, sonic imaging is equally important and in order to ensure that it delivers a perfectly optimised sound, like its stablemates the SC-C70 and SC-C50, the SC-C30 uses Technics’ Space Tune room calibration software to produce a sound image that is perfectly balanced regardless of the shape and layout of the listening environment. For quick and easy setting, Space Tune also features a number of pre-sets that can be chosen using the Technics Audio Center App.


Broad selection of streaming services; easy to use

Connectivity to all the favourite music sources ensured.

As well as meeting the sonic demands of hi-res enthusiasts, Technics has equipped its Premium Class OTTAVA SC series with all the tools necessary to make listening to everyday sources an incomparable pleasure. Features such as built-in Chromecast mean that users can effortlessly listen to audio from phones and tablets through a vastly superior sound system, experiencing a phenomenal step-up in sound quality when watching music videos from the likes of YouTube or when listening to their favourite tunes on apps such as Spotify and Tidal. Other cutting-edge features include stereo pairing1, Google Voice Assistant control2, and multi-room playback.


More detailed information about the OTTAVA SC-C30’s specifications and the innovative technology behind its remarkable performance will be available when the model joins its illustrious stablemates in Hi-Fi stores in autumn.


*1 The stereo pairing function is scheduled for updating simultaneously with the product launch.

*2 The Google Home App is required.

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