Virgo Employer branding

  • The challenge: Since a significant part of the Hungarian IT market is concentrated in Budapest, other regions of the country lose out on important economic and labour market growth opportunities. Virgo’s office in Balatonfüred wishes to remedy this situation.
  • The solution: A collaboration with Veszprém University, where Virgo shares its IT market expertise and experience with developers of the future through courses and conferences. In addition to this, the company places special emphasis on the recruitment message: that by creating work opportunities it offers a solution to developers residing in the Balaton region who wish to work from their home area.
  • The results: A two-page article in the August 2016 issue of Forbes about the regional role of the Balatonfüred office, an interview with the head of the mentioned office in the Vállalat + Vezető business column of hvg.hu (Hungarian economic news portal). Posts relevant to the Balatonfüred office appear with the #virgofured hashtag on the company’s Facebook page, which allows them to be traced back (14,800 views between April-October 2016 – data from 15 November 2016).


Márton Mucsi

Digital media specialist