HonestFood – Let’s live longer campaign


Giacomo Pedranzini, Managing Director of KOMETA, the creator of the HonestFood initiative, wanted to draw the attention of Hungarians to the fact that the average life expectancy at birth in Hungary is significantly lower than the European Union average. One of HonestFood’s aims is to help us live as long and healthy a life as possible.


In a national representative survey and on KOMETA’s social media channels, we asked Hungarians what they would do if they received an extra 5 years of active life from a good fairy (According to Eurostat data, the average life expectancy at birth in Hungary in 2021 was 74.5 years, while in the EU it was 5.6 years higher at 80.1 years.) We involved two credible figures in the communication, singer Vera Tóth and Olympic champion water polo player Gergely Kiss, who also asked this question to their followers and shared how they would spend the extra years of life they received as a gift.

The results of the survey and the responses received on social channels were presented at a press conference attended by Giacomo Pedranzini, Vera Tóth and Gergely Kiss, along with Emese Antal, a dietician, sociologist and Kornél Bőhm, a representative of the research company.

After the press conference, we sent out a press release with an infographic to the lifestyle media, among others, and influencers involved in the campaign posted about the results on their channels.


The press release based on the research resulted in more than 100 clippings, with an AVE of around HUF 20 million. The results have been reported in major news portals as well as in the business, lifestyle and health media.


Zsófia Pálffy-Bernáth