Conscious Meat-eater case study

The challenge

KOMETA 99 Zrt. is one of the largest pork-processing companies in Hungary. One of the important communication challenges facing meat processing companies today is that in the minds of many people, a healthy lifestyle and conscious shopping is more associated with meat-free nutrition and veganism.

The solution

Conscious Meat Eater is a blog dedicated to consumer education. It aims to show that eating meat in moderation can be part of a healthy, conscious lifestyle. It achieves this by publishing material of very different nature, content, and format. Furthermore, it is an important goal to always have ammunition for Kometa’s social media communications.

The blog content can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Expert materials – The materials in this section are prepared with the assistance of the National Association of Hungarian Dietitians and Kometa’s own dietitian.
  • Recipes – Recipes that put the advice of experts into practice, as well as dishes prepared in collaboration with various gastro-influencers (Chef Lázár, Gasztrohobbi, Fald fel!)
  •  Research results – The company has conducted several surveys on holistic lifestyle and meat consumption.
  •  Healthy lifestyle
    • Sports news – Kometa is sponsoring a professional cycling team, and the blog regularly posts important news about the team.
    • Mass sports – Material related to a sedentary lifestyle.

The results

Due to the low budget of the project, we deliberately built communication around organic outreach – posts were and are being shared on Kometa’s Facebook page. Some key metrics:

  • More than 80% of Kometa’s Facebook community has been reached by Conscious Meat Eater posts
  • In the first year of the blog, 20,000+ unique visitors visited the blog, and Facebook content from the blog posts generated over 500,000 hits.


Edit Fülöp

Senior Consultant