Communication based on online surveys

The challenge

Kometa 99 Zrt. is one of the largest meat processors in Hungary, one of the prominent players in the Hungarian market, operating in Kaposvár since 1994. Its products are mainly sold on the domestic market, but it also exports to more than 40 countries all over the world. In an industry where product developments and innovations are not a daily occurrence, it is difficult to keep the attention of the press, especially if the company wants to be present in lifestyle media, not only in B2B and/or trade press.


The solution

What can a company do if it wants to appear in the lifestyle media, but has only financial and economic information, or news of interest to the trade media? It can produce its own data. Lifestyle press releases of KOMETA were based on online surveys for communication purposes. We created Google form questionnaires, people were encouraged to fill in on Facebook. The finished dataset was analysed by our data scientist colleague, and the analysed data was used to produce a press release and infographic. The themes were designed in line with the company’s core values and key messages. Themes so far: salt reduction, sports and favourite sandwiches.

The results

Since prior to the campaign, KOMETA’s news rarely reached the lifestyle media, it was important to get the brand into these outlets and to get the company’s important messages across to potential customers in a fun way; and this was done. The total gross reach of the three communications was 20,240,000 and the number of impressions was 182. We believe that Data Driven Consumer PR using the methodology outlined above could be an excellent opportunity for companies to get on the media agenda.


Edit Fülöp

Senior Consultant