Unilever Sustainable Living Research

  • The challenge: Unilever aims to motivate customers to live sustainably. This, however, requires a complete attitude shift fuelled by powerful motivators that yield (mostly immediate) results.
  • The solution: The Unilever Sustainable Living Research programme followed the consumption habits and lifestyles of eight Hungarian families for a month. Participants were given advice weekly, and they provided continuous feedback regarding the benefits and practicability of this advice via a dedicated blog. Unilever summed up these tips and tricks in an informational booklet. The survey provided a glimpse into Hungarian families’ top practices for avoiding wasteful consumption and the ideal motivators for lifestyle changes.
  • The results: The results were presented to media representatives through a press breakfast. The press release about the survey results was published by MTI, the Hungarian news agency, as well as several financial and lifestyle sites and blogs.


Márton Mucsi

Digital media specialist