BWT – Plastic-free July – case study

The challenge

Home water purification is one of BWT’s water treatment businesses. At the very beginning of COVID-19 pandemic BWT wanted immediate sales results along with increased brand awareness. This required education on why water purification might be necessary, even though the quality of tap water coming out of waterworks in Hungary is excellent.

The solution

We highlighted the benefits of BWT products in the context of Plastic-free July: no more bottled water, drink filtered water from the jug, tap, etc. For the month of July, we organised an educational influencer campaign. The campaign was focused on promoting BWT’s pitchers, but also included our tap-mounted water purification equipment.

We asked influencers and youtubers to organise a knowledge-based competition on their social media platforms. The primary criteria for selecting the collaborators were that they should represent the plastic-free theme in a credible way and have an active fan-base. How many people they reach on their channels was not a consideration, as we believe that a micro-influencer with a smaller audience may have a much greater affinity with their followers.

We sent the influencers a pre-written Q&A list and gave them the opportunity to ask the questions they liked best from among them. We gave them a free hand in the wording of their posts too. To help them answer the questions, we wrote a blog post on BWT website summarising the most important things to know about water filtration. Influencers were also given a choice of coupon codes to give their followers a discount on BWT purchases.

The results

We collaborated more than 16 The campaign resulted an educational blog, Facebook and Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and Facebook and Instagram entries related to the sweepstakes. Through 55 appearances, BWT’s messages reached more than 260,000 people. More than 900 relevant hashtags were generated on Instagram (e.g. #bwtviz, #szurtviz). Nearly 8,000 people participated in the sweepstakes. In addition to brand building, the campaign also brought immediate sales results for BWT, with a significant number of purchases being made with the coupon codes in their webshop.


Zsófia Pálffy-Bernáth