Artisjus #mutimithallgatsz

  • The challange: Artisjus’ mission is to motivate the creation of good music and broaden its availability for audiences. The Association emphasizes the role of songwriters and the value they create. Performers are more popular than songwriters; the average music lover often does not know who is ths creator of their favourite song. This is why the campaign raised attention to the value creation of songwriters.
  • The solution: Songs have a huge emotional content. Still we often forget about their value. Our campaign’s main message was: songs have value. Since our main goal was to shed light on songwriters we chose song lyrics for our message conveyors. Our basic strategy was built on infotainment: popular figures told us about their favourite song lyrics, personal stories attached to it. The campaign’s means of communication included: public relations, research, online communication and content marketing elements.
  • The results: We created 6 million+ media reach, and visitor number of Dalszerzo blog increased for months by 25-40%. Even more important results is that our campaign became a real movement: music clubs and festivals joined and shared our message – songs have value.


Márton Mucsi

Digital media specialist