How was 2021

January is not only about planning the year ahead and mapping out the professional trends ahead, it is also about summing up and reviewing the past year. At the beginning of each year, we ask our clients to give us formal feedback. They appreciate our expertise, our availability and our punctuality. We also ask them how they rate working with us, how much they think we understand the industry or market in which they operate, and how much we can help them achieve their business goals. This year, we also asked whether the long-term home office or flexible working hours we have been working since the pandemic broke out have had any negative impact on our work.

An excellent report card

I am very proud that we have received excellent results from our clients again this year. On a scale of 1 to 5, our average this year was 4.74, which is a mark of excellence in the world of school report cards. Compared to last year, the biggest improvement was in our understanding of our clients’ industry and business goals, and in our ability to support them in achieving their business goals. The latter is of particular interest, as traditional PR work is not usually associated with quickly supporting the achievement of business objectives.


Our best services

We also asked clients to list the services or service elements they are most satisfied with. Based on their responses, the following list was compiled:

  • Consistent quality
  • Proactivity
  • Proactive service
  • Responsive service and support
  • Promptness
  • Availability, autonomy, ease
  • Quick feedback, accurate response
  • High level of service
  • Press releases
  • Expertise, accuracy
  • Content production
  • Professional work, meeting deadlines
  • A human approach
  • Campaigns
  • Market expertise
  • Professional local approach
  • Classic PR communication

I think we can all be proud of our achievements over the past year. I am confident that this year we can repeat or even surpass last year’s results.


András R. Nagy

Managing Partner