It’s not just the number of followers that matters

It’s not just the number of followers that matters … or how to reach a larger audience more easily and cost-effectively

Based on the details of the Worldcom Confidence Index study, it can be concluded that global business leaders believe that one of the most important intermediary roles in value chains today is arguably that of influencers. This was not always the case. What matters is what image of the company is conveyed, and this will only be even stronger in the post-COVID-19 era. In our own experience, influencer campaigns can achieve good results, and what’s more, they can even have a direct sales support effect. In Hungary, some managers are frightened by the cost of involving the influencer in a campaign, although in our experience, working with more, smaller (e.g micro) influencers can be at least as effective in practice as with fewer who have more followers. True, this presumably involves more coordination work. It is conceivable that this is a Hungarian peculiarity, but it is not excluded that this connection may be true in other markets as well, said András R. Nagy, managing director at Próbakő Communications. He also said that it is also important to think about influencer campaigns not only at the level of brands but also at the level of entire companies.

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